Henan Lingke Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou airport economic development zone. Is a professional R & D, production, sales of high-speed and efficient cutting tools for diamond, cubic boron nitride superhard composite technology innovation enterprises.

With the support of technological innovation, Lingke keeps improving its R & D strength. The R & D team has 2 professors, 4 doctors and other high-quality and experienced research talents.

Lingke takes product quality as the foundation, introduces advanced production and testing equipment to ensure the stability and improvement of product quality. The testing equipment includes: XRD, SEM, C-sam, density balance, full-automatic cobalt magnetic detector, automatic drilling tower dimension hardness tester, Mastersizer laser diffraction particle size analyzer, ultra precision balance, universal tool microscope, etc.

With the guidance of customer demand and the guarantee of service ability, linker will provide you with better materials, more professional technical support and more appropriate services. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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