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PCD tools can be used for high speed machining

Time: 2019-07-12

PCD tools are mainly used in the cutting of non-ferrous metals, hard alloys, ceramics, non-metallic materials (plastics, hard rubber, carbon rods, wood, cement products, etc.), composite materials, etc., gradually replacing carbide tools. Due to the partial residual bonding of the metal between the diamond particles and the graphite, the bonding of the bonding metal in a coalesced or veined manner reduces the wear resistance and life of the tool. In addition, there is a residual amount of solvent metal, and the solvent metal is in direct contact with the diamond surface. Diamond coated tools can be used for high speed machining because, in addition to the excellent mechanical properties of diamond coated tools, the diamond coating process can produce arbitrarily complex shape milling cutters for high speed machining such as aluminum-titanium aerospace materials and difficult machining. Metal materials such as graphite electrodes.

The advantages of diamond PCD cutters are:

1 diamond PCD cutter has a large modulus of elasticity,

2The cutting edge blunt radius value can be ground very small, not easy to break,

3 can maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge for a long time: the diamond tool has a small thermal expansion coefficient and a small thermal deformation.

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